In this era of globalization and the internet, competition between corporate companies has risen to a new level. Hiring the perfect employee with the necessary skills is a very complicated and painful thing to do with the traditional way.
Hence you should make use of technologies like VIVAHR to make this recruitment process easier. As everything has moved to a more online-based environment, it is safe to say that it is high time you make your company and work integrate with the internet and expand your reach. By doing so, you will be able to reach more candidates and bring them on board to make a more effective team for your company.
That being said, let us take a look at how VIVAHR can help your company in hiring better recruits.

What is VIVAHR?
VIVAHR is basically an applicant tracking software. It is basically a better platform for you to contact recruits and hire them with your custom-made procedure.
The name VIVAHR has HR. So you and others might easily confuse it as Human resource software for helping the organization and its HR manager with their work. But no, it is not.
VIVAHR is not your typical HR software. It is a recruiting and applicant tracking software. That makes it a small part of a full-fledged HR software.

You cannot expect VIVAHR to be an all-in-one solution for your organization’s HR department. It just doesn’t have the necessary features to be full-fledged software. This is the biggest letdown of using the platform not being able to work as a full-fledged HR software. But luckily, VIVAHR supports integration with other necessary HR software.

VIVAHR may have less in comparison to other HR software, but they are the best at what they do. So what do they do? VIVAHR helps you in reaching the best candidates your company is looking for.

With VIVAHR you are going to tell the story of your company to the candidates or others who visit your company’s VIVAHR page. By looking at your job description and the inspirational backstory of your company, the best candidates will come running to your company for the jobs that you have posted. That is what this software is best at doing.
So, if you are looking for good recruitment software, then VIVAHR might be a good choice for you. Let us check its features.

Features of VIVAHR
As we said earlier, VIVAHR is not really a full-fledged human resource software. So naturally, there will not be any features that will let you track down your current employees and make payroll and PTO reports for them.
VIVAHR is just a recruiting software that only focuses on the applicant tracking aspect of the HR department. So it is an applicant tracking software and all the features are related to the job posting and candidate selection only. That being said, let us check all the features available that choose to use this platform.

User Access Controls
We know that recruitment is not done by one person. Sure, one person may do all the talking and negotiating but behind the scenes, there is a team working in making the recruitment process a success. For that transparency among the team members is a must. That is why VIVAHR Gives your approved team members full access to the candidate’s resume and also lets them view your thoughts on their performance, their interactions, and overall your verdict on the candidate.
This makes the recruitment process more fluid and faster. You can always add and remove team members according to your needs.

Team Collaboration
VIVAHR not only allows you to let your team members access your comments and verdict on certain candidates but also allows you to collaborate with other team members to judge each candidate. By doing so, you and your team will be rating each candidate on our best judgment and that result will come in very handy in the next hiring process.
As you can add and remove team members, you can customize your team and hence customize the ratings of the candidates as well.
With this team collaboration, VIVAHR does better than most other candidate recruiting software.

Resume Upload
With this feature, your candidates can directly upload their CVs to your job posting. You will often see jib sites that come with forms for your candidate to fill in in order to apply for the job. Research shows that candidates are not likely to apply for a job if the form takes 20 minutes or more to fill in.
So as candidates can upload their previously prepared resumes, there is no chance that any candidate will withdraw midway while applying for your job.

Robust Pre-Built Reports
We all know how important reporting is in any scenario. And in employee recruitment, this plays a very important role. As you will have to present to your team about all the candidates in the recruitment, you will need their detailed report to make the brief.
As VIVAHR has access to all the data of your candidates(collected when they apply for the jobs), making the report about them is only a matter of moments.
With all the pre-built format and style of reporting in VIVAHR, you can easily get your hands on reports in an instant.

CSV Export
Sometimes situations come when you will have to look at the data of one candidate to solve the situation at the moment. But in a summary based report, it is quite hard to do so.
So, VIVAHR has a CSV export system. CSV is short for character-separated values. In this format, all details of all candidates remain in a tabular format and you can export any of the candidate’s data whenever you need to.

Candidate Database
Candidate Database is another useful feature of VIVAHR. This allows you to keep all the candidate’s data that your company has interviewed securely. All the candidates that applied to your company through this software will be recorded and stored in your account.
The benefit of this is that whenever you will need a new candidate for recruiting, you can always look at these old candidates stored in your database and hire one of them from there. As the candidate has already gone through your company’s recruitment process before, you can use the data of that recruitment session and use it in this recruitment session and reduce your recruitment cost and labor by a lot.
This feature of Candidate Databank puts VIVAHR ahead of lots of other employees’ recruiting software. So, make sure you note this feature down.

Rich Candidate Profiles
With VIVAHR, you don’t have to stick with the traditional old resume scanning method for hiring candidates. Whenever a candidate applies to your job post, VIVAHR creates a smart profile for the candidate. With it, you can find their phone number and email with real ease.
You can even check out the candidate’s social profiles to evaluate them even further for your recruitment.
It is a very useful feature which will surely come in very handy when you will recruit again and look at your old candidates for recruitments.

Custom Scorecards
Different companies make different policies and ratings for their recruitment procedure. These policies and criteria vary in metric from company to company. Even job description and position also affect this metric of performance measurement.
That is why it is important for companies to be able to customize their recruitment criteria and scorecards. As companies can modify their candidate scorecards in VIVAHR, they can provide a fair score for the candidates. Even your team can vote on this procedure and you can score a candidate to the fair place they deserve.

Share Jobs Online
In this era, the most efficient way of reaching someone is via the internet. The internet has many websites that are made for posting new job recruitment notices. With VIVAHR, you can post on almost all of those websites with just one click.

Just write about your job description in the software, add more relevant information towards it and then post it with just one click. Then the vacancy post will be sent out to all those websites you have selected. There are over 50 job recruitment websites in VIVAHR’s selection.
What is better is that you can actually boost your post.

The free job notice posting is standard. It will be sent out to all the websites you have selected and candidates will come. But if you select the boost option, you will have guaranteed candidates, or so does VIVAHR claim it to be.

Social Job Sharing
Social media platforms are also a good place to look for new recruits and candidates for your job. Thus, VIVAHR helps you make effective use of all the social platforms. From Facebook, Twitter to LinkedIn, all your selected platforms will be added to the list and whenever you post a new job announcement, they get shared on the websites as well as these social platforms.

Pricing of VIVAHR
When you put VIVAHR’s pricing in comparison to other HR software, you will see that it is not a good deal. First of all, VIVAHR is not HR software, it is a portion of HR software. Second of all, the price is almost equal and higher than those of full HR software. So, this is a very unlikely deal. So, what is the price of VIVAHR?
There are four packages of VIVAHR and they have different levels of services.
The first one is the Starter package, made for startups. It costs $79 per month. If priced annually it will cost $65 per month. The services of this package include 3 job postings, 1 location, and 1 user account.
The second one is the Grow package, made for small businesses. It costs $139 per month. If priced annually it will cost $115 per month. The services of this package include unlimited job posting, 3 locations, and 3 user accounts.
The third one is the Pro package, made for large businesses. It costs $239 per month. If priced annually it will cost $199 per month. The services of this package include unlimited job posting, 10 locations, and 10 user accounts.
All these three packages include unlimited applicants in their services and a free trial of them is available.

The final service package is the corporate package, made for established businesses. It includes all the services of VIVAHR in pro plus format and has unlimited location and user accounts. There is no free trial of it but you can request a demo. The price of this package depends on the size of your business; hence you will need to contact them to negotiate the price.
So that is all about VIVAHR’s pricing. To be honest, it is very high. They are overcharging you for the amount of service they are providing. But if you can afford it, we are not going to stop you from trying them.

Is VIVAHR for you?
VIVAHR have tailored their service for all types of organizations. From small startups to big established business giants. Everyone can customize VIVAHR’s service for their use. The cost is also very high per month.
You must keep one thing in mind that you are not going to use VIVAHR all the time. Only during recruiting seasons, VIVAHR is useful. But the rest of the time, it is nothing.
So, if you can afford their service and agree to bear their payment burden even when you are not using it, then yes, it is for you.
For big corporations, the price is low but for startups, it is pretty high, so you should make your own decision whether you are gonna use their service or not.

Final Words
VIVAHR is a great applicant tracking software. It stores all the data of the candidates that your company has ever interviewed. It is best at what it does. But when you compare its price to its service, it is nowhere close to what it does. But then again, if good recruitment is what you are looking for, then you are more than welcome to use VIVAHR.

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