With the power of technology and the innovation of programming, developers are making some beautiful-looking websites and apps. Even education has gotten its web-based platform due to the current situation.
But it doesn’t matter how much effort developers put into these platforms to make them user-friendly, users tend to get lost navigating themselves on these platforms. For that, we have got a good solution and that is Helppier.
Most websites, like a bank, insurance, or complex platforms, have a very confusing navigating map. These maps are so confusing that users and visitors can hardly find what they are looking for. For them, Helppier creates automated tours, user guides, and in-app messages for navigating.

What Is Helppier?
Helppier is a tool for your webpage and web-based apps and products. It helps in creating a friendly and familiar environment for the user and visitor of your web page.
Helppier creates user guides and on-page support content and widgets. This helps cheat a guided tour for newcomers in your web page or app. You might have already experienced some of this type of similar thing while installing an app on your phone for the first time. Helppier does that and the best part about helppier is that there is no need for you to know or learn to code. You can create your full guided tour for visitors without even knowing to code and that is one of the most useful features of it.
Using these features, you can create tours like a first-time welcome tour, a website guideline tour, a navigational tool, product tools, pop-up messages, warnings, notifications, all basic banners, and promotional things. You can even set timers and triggers for these messages and banners to pop up.
You can also monitor your users/customer’s behavior towards these without intervening in their privacy, you will get statistics on those tools created with Helppier, you can receive feedback on your product, and about these small helpful things created with Helppier.

Features of Helppier
Let’s get into the features of Helppier, which comes packed with a lot of features. It even has an affiliate program and an ambassador program for users to utilize and earn some extra.

Product Tours and Tutorials
Tutorials and tours are very effective in making someone familiar with a new environment. Since your website will have many new visitors, they will have trouble understanding where is what and which is what.
In this type of situation, a product tour can be very helpful. It can be a video, which will explain to the users about your website. It can be very helpful for products like you are selling a new type of product and it needs a detailed explanation of how users should use it.
These product tours and tutorials will allow your users to be interactive with your product and website and browse/ use it with total ease.

Tooltips and Hotspots
Tooltips are very helpful in guiding your users in a complex situation and help them choose and navigate themselves through a list of confusing choices.
Tooltips are a kind of small, highlighted pop-ups with helpful info. It pops up at the side, or near the cursor of your mouse when you browse through certain options in a web/ app. By reading the info in the tooltip, you can easily understand what this option is for, and will take you to your desired destination or not.
In other words, it is an on-the-go version of your product tour videos.

Readymade Templates
Different websites have different purposes. Hence, different websites need different types of user guidelines and interface options.
For example, a product selling website will not be as similar as a service selling website. Both will be different in their way and hence need different approaches for creating user guidelines.
So if you are facing any issues in creating a user guide in your website/ app for your users, you can easily choose a readymade template from Helppier’s template collections.
Helppier has templates about Use onboarding, User engagement, Customer support, Self-training, and many other templates related to different topics and scenarios. Just simply pick one of them and customize them according to your need.

In-app Messaging
With Helppier, you can set a lot of in-app messages and the best thing is that you can diversify these in-app messages according to users. A welcome message for retaining first-time users. A popup message to announce new products and offerings. A banner for promoting new infographics and e-books. You can even set messages for possible errors to warn your users.
In-app messages can also be used for taking NPS surveys of particular product users. The possibilities are many with in-app messages.

Easy Integration
We all know that one app/ platform cannot have it all. They can be good at a few things, but not in all things. That is why the integration of the platforms is necessary and Helppier gladly allows it.
For example, you can integrate Helppier with Canva for uploading designs. There is no need to download the designs from Canva and upload them again in Helppier. You can import a design directly from Canva to Helppier. This makes your work way easier and faster.
Just like that, you can integrate Helppier with other necessary platforms if you want.

User Engagement
Unlike other guideline widget-creating services, Helppier lets you create different helplines for your users that will trigger automatically.
You can set it to be onboarding, where the mechanism will get triggered when any users open or get into your website and app. Or you can set it to different actions, where doing some certain actions like putting the cursor in a certain place will trigger the Helppier automation.
You can even segment these guidelines for different user groups. For example, a well-detailed tour for first-time users, a sophisticated tour for active users, product tour segmentation based on gender, and many of their segmentations.

Tutorial Actions
Helppier has five different types of actions ready to be implemented in your tutorial. The purpose of this is to implement it in some areas, where a non-static guideline would be more appropriate and helpful.
The five actions are the Walkthrough step, Click on elements, Mouseover, Dropdown, and Automated typing.
A walkthrough is the default action and it can be implemented anywhere. Then click-on elements take your users to another page where the tutorial will run, The mouseover attaches a mouseover to the tutorial to make it more detailed and easy. The dropdown is another great tutorial action, where you can add a dropdown bubble and it will view more options for tutorials. Automated typing is a simulated form filling.
Together with a balanced use of his elements, you can create a beautiful guideline for your users new to old.

By tracking we meant tracking the performance of your guidelines elements. Which elements are getting the more useful and positive feedback, which are a bit problematic and underperforming lately?
With those data, you can improve your guidelines and make them more user engaging. You can get the reports to these elements on a daily, weekly, or monthly frequency.

NPS Surveys
NPS, short for Net promoter score, is very useful for analytics for any business. Using this feedback, you can form new strategies for your business to approach and follow.
Helppier also has an NPS feature ready for your website or app. You can make it trigger to play after a user has received their product. Or when the user is reviewing the product.
Helppier has some beautiful templates ready for you to use in creating your NPS survey. You can put different colors, themes, and animations in the NPS surveys.

Many Languages
If you are running a global business, you might know how important it is to make your website ready to be translated into your customer’s language for its success.
Well. Helppier has 65 languages in its collection. You can define a first language and a second language too.
It is a very useful feature that most guideline-creating services lack.

Shareable Guides
You will often notice that the guidelines you create cannot be shared. There is no link to that, it is just the webpage that opens up when you try to do that. But not with Helppier.
With Helppier, you can actually share the guidelines as a short link. Each of the guides you create with Helppier comes with a short link that you can send to anyone and they can open it.
You can share these with any fellow users who have been facing trouble in getting these guidelines. When they click on these links, they will be taken to that webpage and the guide will also start playing automatically.

Helppier has a lot of customization options. You can customize in-app messaging themes. You also have options for overlaying any element and adjusting their positions. Helppier gives you basic customization options for its guidelines elements.

Affiliate and Ambassador Program
The affiliate and ambassador programs are two great ways of earning back your investment from Helppier.
If you become an affiliate, you will get 30% cash on every new referral and it is recurring. The ambassador program is 40% cash for each new referral and is also recurring.

Free Trial
There is an opportunity for new users to take a 14-day free trial. The best part about this free trial is that there is no requirement for a credit card.
This gives the users a relief that their bank information will remain safe.

Pricing of Helppier
The pricing of Helppier is somewhat reasonable, but it is still a considerable factor while hiring their services.
Helppier has two pricing packages. One is the standard package. The other is a Tailor-made package. It is customizable and the price changes accordingly to the services you will be using in the package.
The standard package of Helppier includes everything. From Tutorial Videos, Custom Themes, Email Support to 5 Admin Users, and 65 Languages. All the necessities you will be needing to set up a guiding system in your web page or app are included in the standard package. All these in the standard package are currently $39 per month if your website/ app has 1000 monthly viewers. The price goes up with the number of users. For 50000 monthly users, it is $299 per month. If it is above $299, you will have to negotiate the price with them. There is an opportunity of getting a two-month discount if you pay annually.
On the other hand, the tailor-made package has no fixed price. It depends on the service you will choose and take and possibly, it is negotiable in price.
The tailor-made package includes all the standard package services, and you can deduct some services if you want. Moreover, you will get unlimited admin access, and Priority Support, Phone & Zoom Support. The payment for this package can be done both monthly and annually. But there will be no two-month discount like the standard package.
If you are not sure of whether to use their service or not, you can give a free trial of their standard service for 14 days. No credit card is required.

Is Helppier Suitable for You?
If you are running a web-based platform and your website needs guidance for users, then yes, Helppier is for you.
If you are trying to create some guidelines for your visitors on your website but don’t know anything about coding, then Helppier is definitely for you. You can create any user guide and set it to trigger certain actions without knowing how to code.
Moreover, the prices of Helppier change according to your user’s size. So whether you have a big business or small, Helppier is for you.

Final Words
Helppier is a great platform for creating user guidelines for your website and app. It is highly customizable and you don’t even need to know coding for it. You can create many guidelines for your users and even NPS surveys. They are all shareable.
The pricing is very reasonable, so it is a service for all. We will highly recommend their service.

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