Recruiting new workers can be a tedious job, to say the least. And it may take a long while of sorting through and interviewing hundreds of workers before you find someone that is a perfect fit for your business. As a solution, many businesses have started using recruitment software. They are an effective way to increase the recruiter’s productivity by helping to manage applicants and find a better match using a number of valuable tools. This is a great way to save time, money, and make sure that you only get to see the best applicants from the lot.

As such, Breezy HR is popular recruiting software that is trusted by several well-known brands such as Nandos, Loreal, Zapier, and more. In this article, we will be giving you a thorough review of Breezy HR. By the end, you will have a better understanding of their features and the services they provide, so you can decide whether it is really worth it for you or not.

What is Breezy HR?
Breezy HR is an end-to-end recruitment software that is used by small to medium-sized businesses. This software is used to help recruiters with the recruitment process so that they can hire great employees. They believe that just because building a great team is hard does not mean that your hiring tool should be hard as well. And so Breezy HR provides you with a multitude of free tools and features that will optimize your hiring process without giving in as much effort.
Listed as one of the high-rated ATS, this recruitment software increases the recruiter’s productivity by cutting down time-consuming and repetitive hiring tasks. This includes automated tasks such as job posting and advertising on the best sites to attract the best candidates, scheduling interviews with potential candidates, and follow-ups through mailing and texting can be done using Breezy HR.

Breezy HR is a privately held business that was founded in 2014. This business has a small group of employees between 11 to 50. Based in the US, Breezy HR is a part of Learning Technologies Group plc. Apart from recruitment, you can use the software for hiring, job boards, HR, and Applicant Tracking System.

Recruitment can be done while you are on the move using Breezy HR mobile applications for both IOS and Android users.
This software is so easy to operate and will save you so much time that you would not want to switch. Now that you have an idea about what Breezy HR is, let us give you an in-depth idea about its features that make it such an excellent choice.

Features of Breezy HR
Breezy HR offers a range of tools that focuses on three different aspects of the recruitment process. They are sourcing, candidate management, and using the platform itself. Let us look into some of the features that you will have access to.

Candidate Management
Managing your candidates can be one of the most tedious tasks while recruiting. You will need to handle and manage several candidates at once, while it can be overwhelming, to say the least. With Breezy HR you can manage your candidate using a ‘Drag and Drop Pipeline.’ This is a unique and user-friendly system that allows you to customize all of your recruiting processes into pipelines. From here on, all you need to do is drag your candidate into a specific pipeline and drop. This will give you and your whole team a birds-eye view of where the candidate’s position is.
Most of the guessing work about choosing and evaluating candidates is made easy, using Candidate Scorecards. The interviewer can rate the applicant during their interview, and it can later be used to compare each candidate. This reduces the possibility of biases so you know you are making the right choice. Plus, you can run automated successful background checks that will give you accurate results in just 1 or 2 days. Breezy HR will send out references to your candidates so that they can verify them. This is directly going into their candidate profile which can be used later when you are in the middle of selection.
Moreover, you can send offers and receive eSignatures just by using Breezy HR. No need for any additional software, sign-ins, or vendors.

Job Advertisement
Manually posting your job on job sites is a time-consuming task and a waste of resources. Using Breezy HR, all you need to do is write up the perfect job description. The software will then automatically share and advertise your description on over 50 free job boards that are relevant to the area and role you are looking for. For paid users, with another click, you can post your description to premium and niche job boards that will ensure that only the best applicants come your way. Not only does this feature save time, but widens your options.

Candidate Sourcing
You have the ability to have access to millions of professional profiles using Talent Search. You can look for candidates based on their education, experience, skills, and even location with just a few clicks. Plus, you can make use of something called Recruiter Portal. This portal keeps recruiters in the loop and offers external recruiters to find recruiters for you. The external recruiters have their own Breezy HR email address which is used to add candidates to your portal. The portal is also used to manage and track each individual candidates’ progress.
Get candidates that match your description by using a custom Referral Portal. This portal is for those candidates that have employee referrals and are less costly to recruit, and are likely to stay with your company longer. You can add notes and information about incentives your company is going to provide, your goals, and more in order to attract more candidates.

Email, SMS, and Scheduling
Another feature that will save you plenty of time and improve your productivity is sending automated emails and SMS to your candidates. You can directly send rich emails or texts to the candidates using Breezy HR or an email client of your choice. Anyone from your hiring team can access the conversations by taking a peek through their profile. And read-receipts allow you to know when the candidate has read the last email. Not only that, you have the ability to create and personalize templates and questionnaires which Breezy Stage Action can send individually to the candidates or in bulk. The software will simply move through the candidates down your pipeline.

As for interviewing, Breezy HR believes in spending less on emailing and more on interviewing. As such, they have a list of applications that ensure that you are doing just that. You get access to interview schedules which can later be dragged and dropped into available time slots. The schedule is later integrated with your and your team’s existing Outlook or Google calendars so that everyone is in sync and up to date. The interviewers can make use of Breezy Interview Guides or you can make your own company guides so you can make a structured and unbiased assessment.
Selected candidates can select and schedule their interviews at their convenience. There is an option for remote or on-site, open casting calls, or using panels, you can customize the interview as you like. If you choose to go remote, Breezy HR has integrated video meetings so that you can interview your candidates face-to-face. For ease of use, you can keep the Candidate and Interview Guide, along with the Scorecard on the screen.

Reports and Analytics
Get an insight into what works best for your business and what will get the right candidate coming your way using Breezy HR’s reports and analytics feature. You can avail of these features on any of their paid plans. You can get access to real-time reporting and analytics that will help in the recruitment process and increase hiring efficiency. You also get EEOC and OFCCP reporting, plus GDPR Compliance. For a higher price, using the advanced plan, you can get custom analytics and reporting, and recruiting data through Amazon Redshift.

Additional Features
Assessment Management
Billing and Invoicing
Discount Management
Employer Accounts
Feedback Management
Internal HR
Interview Practice Session
Matching Engine
Pre-recorded Messages
Question Library
Resume Parsing
Session Recording
Workflow Management

Pricing of Breezy HR
Now that you have an idea about what Breezy HR has to offer, time to look at their pricing. They are one of the few recruitment software that offers a free version of their services. With the Bootstrap plan, you can satisfy your basic recruiting needs. It gives you one active position and one active candidate pool. This recruiting plan can be accessed or canceled any time you want.
As your business grows, you can avail yourself of the paid plans. You can either choose to pay monthly or annually if you opt for the annual pricing then you get the first two months for free. There are three paid packages, Startup Plan, Growth Plan, and Business Plan. The Startup plan starts at $143 per month and Growth Plan for $249 per month. The Growth Plan is one of the most popular options, and you get access to unlimited positions, unlimited candidate pools, and more. If paying month to month is a hassle for you, you can always choose the annual pricing option.
Companies that have greater hiring needs, can choose the Business plan for $399 per month. Again, you have the flexibility to switch to an annual plan from a monthly one. This plan gives you access to all the exceptional features that come with this software for the ultimate hiring control. Breezy HR does not charge any cancellation fees or contracts. If you want a free trial or demo to check out whether this recruitment software is meant for you or not, all you need is a business email and you are good to go.

Breezy HR Pros and Cons

Comes with a Resume Parsing Feature
Branded Careers Site
Can scale and upgrade to plans as your business grows
Bootstrap Plan lets you use the software for free
Compatible with both Android and IOS phones to recruit on the go
Great integration that allows you to sync data and stay up to date
Customization and Automation
Detailed and accurate reports and analytics

Gets progressively expensive compared to other products
Limited access to features in the free plan
Phone application has missing information
Does not adjust time according to region

Is Breezy HR Suitable for You?
Now that you know all that is there about Breezy HR, it is time we summarize everything so that you get to decide for yourself.
Breezy HR offers you a wide range of tools and comes with some extremely handy features that make the entire recruitment process easier. Starting from posting jobs on job boards to managing the candidates in such a way that you get to choose candidates with a strong resume, scheduling interviews, sending emails and texts, Breezy HR will do it all for you. You can bet that your hiring productivity will go up.
Although the only notable drawback is the price, we assure you that it is worth the features they provide. No matter the size of your business, Breezy HR has a solid recruitment plan for you.

Final Words
Breezy HR is a popular recruitment software, and now you know exactly why! They will take your hiring process to the next level to ensure that you only get the best candidates coming your way and are highly recommended by us. From small businesses to medium, this is an effective software for all. Plus, their free plan is one of the best you can find in the market. So, if you want the perfect candidates to join your company, Breezy HR is the way.

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