The Human Resource department is one of the most important parts of any business. They are the ones responsible to sort through hundreds and thousands of applicants in order to find the perfect match for your company. And managing the existing employees and their information. HR managers have to be meticulous in their work. Any mistake can lead to confusion and can disrupt the workflow. That is why many businesses opt for HR software to increase their productivity and ensure that the recruitment is done effectively.
One such popular HR software is Freshteam. This software has a multitude of tools and features at an affordable price that makes it the optimum choice for over 5000 businesses including JCDecaux, MoneyCorp, Chargebee, NinjaCart, and many more. In this article, we will be giving you a thorough review of Freshteam. So that by the end, you will get to decide for yourself whether this software is worth it for you and your business or not.

What is Freshteam?
Freshteam is a smart HR software meant for businesses of all sizes. This software allows you to do several HR tasks all in one place. You can post, and hire new employees and bring them onboard, offboard your existing employees, manage their information and time-off. Management does not get any easier than this. You can attract the best candidates in the market using their various channels such as job boards, career sites, social media platforms, and emails. Afterward, Freshteam can be used to handle interviews, take care of signing all the documents, and more. From the very beginning, your new hire is in touch with HR. As for the existing employees, you can create an employee directory with a profile for each of them containing all the necessary information, make organizational charts, and handle leaves, and attendance.

The software has an intuitive interface and is easy to use by all. The way it is designed, no matter the size of your business, you will be able to get the most out of it. You can choose between affordable pricing plans that will best suit your company. Creating an account and downloading the app on your smart devices like your phone or tablet is absolutely free. Compatible with both Android and IOS devices, you will get 21 days of the free trial, free 24/7 support with Freshteam. So you could be carrying out your important actions on the go from anywhere.

Freshteam is a part of the Freshworks group that was founded in 2011 by Girish Mathrubootham and co-founded by Shan Krishnaswamy. Their list of products includes Freshdesk, Freshchat, Freshcaller, Fresh Success, Freshworks CRM, Freshservices, and of course, Freshteam. With over 40,000 customers worldwide, Freshworks believe in providing better software to businesses that are ready to go, need minimal customization, and easy to set up and use. They take pride in providing their customers with top-notch support and services that will not break Freshwork’s client’s bank accounts. As such, they are the go-to HR software for numerous startup and medium-size businesses.

Now that you have a basic idea about this fantastic HR software, let us dive deep into what features you will have access to that make this such a great software to have.

Features of Freshteam
The tools and features that are offered to you when using Freshteam can be considered a complete package. Each feature comes with such intricate facilities that are sure to take your HR game to the next level. Let’s see what these features are.

Applicant Tracking System
This feature is specific to the recruitment process. It allows you to source, screen, interview, and eventually hire candidates of your choice.

You get to manage job openings by first listing all the open positions and adding a job description with the help of their available templates. You can even create your own that better represents your company. The screening process can be made easier and more efficient using custom application forms. This allows you to identify the candidates with the most potential plus Freshteam allows you to set up your hiring team that includes the hiring manager and associated panel members.

You can create a custom workflow or flowchart that includes stages for every job opening. It can be used as a visual guide to depict how the candidates move across each stage.
Candidate sourcing is done in a smart way that will ensure that you stand out in the crowd by branding your career site.

You can later advertise and post your job listing on social channels, job boards, adding custom tabs on your brand’s Facebook page, your website page, and more. Moreover, when sharing the job postings you can either post using a work email address so that the candidates can automatically get added to the posting, or sync your email inbox with your applicant tracking system for easier access. Speaking of an applicant tracking system, you can generate or create your own custom tracking links for your job postings.

The best thing about their resume screening and the talent pool is this feature called ‘Candidate 360.’ This feature lets you know everything that there is about a candidate just by accessing their candidate profile. You can either manage the candidates using tags and archiving promising options to the talent pool.

Onboarding Process
This feature allows you to assign, monitor, send reminders, and take care of everything that there is to bring new hires onboard.
Checklists are an important part when bringing a new candidate on board so that everything gets done smoothly. Freshteam offers your multiple checklists with multiple lists so that you can assign them to each of your teams. This ensures that everybody stays in the loop and all the work gets done accordingly. You can even add stakeholders to the assigned tasks and send reminders.

The reminders could be for new hires, existing employees, or the stakeholders, it does not matter. But what it will do is make sure that everyone is informed and no one or task is left behind.
After the tedious process of selecting new employers is over, you can send welcome kits digitally.

This includes sending welcome emails, sharing all the necessary documents before their first day, and providing any other details they might need to get started. More than one document can be signed, and you get instant updates. All in one place. This is a great way to go paperless and save both time and money.

Employee Information System
This feature is to make managing employees easier and having all the information of every employee in one place.
Each employee gets to have their profile and Freshteam account. The employees get to customize their account by filling in their information, adding a profile picture, assign tasks and roles like Manager, Panel Member, and so on, and apply for leaves. Once a profile is created, as a part of the self-service setup, you either give permission to view or edit information given to them by their HR partner.
The employee self-service software reduces employees’ dependency on HR to update their profiles. Time is saved as HR does not need to run after the employees to fill in their details. The chances of errors and problems arising are also eliminated as the employee is filling in their information.

Time off Management
Part of HR management is taking care of employee time-off, attendance, and holiday. And Freshteam allows you to manage just that efficiently and easily.

You can create time-off policies using Freshteam. Time-off policies can vary according to location, shifts, roles, branches, and more. It is not an easy task to undertake. With Freshteam you can create multiple time-off policies of different types according to your requirements. Plus, if you can set policy rules like fixing the number of days the employee is allowed to edit a time-off request, set annual balance, balance carryover rules, probation rules, tenure accrual rules, and much more. With the integration of over 19 countries, you can make use of built-in holiday calendars. The ability to map employees in bulk or individually to how many policies you create eliminates confusion. You can map the employees based on their location, type, shift, or create groups using simple and easy steps.

HR Reports
Another HR task that requires hours upon hours of mindless work and needs you to access various sources to collect data and create spreadsheets is reporting. With Freshteam’s HR Reporting feature, your reports will be created carefully. So that you can invest your valuable time and energy towards more important tasks such as recruitment or onboarding.

Freshteam already gives you access to 7 curated reports from the day you start using the software. The reports are Candidate Pipeline, Offers, and Hires, Candidate Sourcing, Job Posting, Talent Pool, Interviews, and Rejected Candidates. These reports are constructed after getting an insight as to how your company works. It is a great way to understand how your candidates work, where your company might need improvement and allows you to get better over time.

Aside from these 7 carefully curated reports, you can create your custom reports and widgets. Using an array of filters, widgets, and charts, you have the ability to make reports that will excel over any other platform. If you want to create a custom report in Freshteam, you can track and analyze the topic and use their smart widgets and processes to do so. You can even present the reports directly from the software.

Moreover, to avoid mistakes, Freshteam has an option called ‘Schedule Export of Reports’ that allows you to choose when who, and at what time interval a specific report has to be sent. You can rest assured that Freshteam will complete this task without fail.

Pricing of Freshteam
Now that you know of the amazing features Freshteam provides to its users, let us look at their pricing. So that you get to know how much you need to pay to avail of this recruitment software.
There are four affordable pricing plans you can choose from, Sprout, Blossom, Garden, and Estate. You also have the option to pay monthly or yearly. Although, it is said that you will be able to save up to 33% more if you choose the annual payment option.

The Sprout pricing plan is free of cost, and lets you use it for up to 50 employees. This is the perfect option for start-up businesses that are tight on budget. Similar to Sprout but with additional features you get the Blossom pricing plan for just $75 per month or $50 annually for every fifty users. If you want greater amenities and features, then the Garden pricing plan starts at $150 per month or $100 annually for every fifty users. Lastly, if you have a large team, then the Estate pricing plan is a good choice for $250 per month or $200 per year.

Is Freshteam Suitable for you?
As evident, Freshteam is an affordable HR software that has a plan for businesses of every type. They offer a range of useful tools that is sure to increase your productivity and improve workflow. It is an easy-to-use and setup software with an intuitive interface that can be accessed on the go.
The only drawback is that they have poor customer service. There are reports of them taking days to reply to any customer queries. The live chat option does not work either.
But if you can look past that, we assure you Freshteam is suitable for you irrespective of the size of your business.

Final Words
Freshteam is an amazing HR software that is sure to make managing employees easier. You can try out their free version to check out whether this software is cut out for you or not. We highly recommend their services, especially if you are a startup business.

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