HR, Human Resource is one of the most essential parts of an organization. Yet it is one of the most complicated departments in an organization. Things may seem very easy for an HR manager from the outside, but in reality, the HR department is an inescapable nightmare.
The struggle in the HR department is too much and if you think hiring more people will help solve this, the chances are low and the cost will rise. The best solution to that is to automate this HR process with software like Eddy | HR.
With Eddy | HR, you can automate all the problematic work of your small to mid-sized organization and make your operation efficient.

What is Eddy | HR?
Eddy | HR is a Human resource management software for your organization. Now you might ask why suddenly choose Eddy | HR? The question should be why not Eddy | HR? It is taking out all the extra financial costs and other costs from your HR department and giving your organization more time and manpower for handling other affairs of your company.

Just think of all the corporate rules that a private organization like yours has to follow. With every new regulation, your company has to deal with an enormous amount of speculations and paperwork to make changes in their policy. For that, not only you will need time, but more employees/ manpower to get the job done. This will cost you both time and money. And as a business owner, you know that the loss of time is unrecoverable for any business or organization.
So imagine all those problems solved in a few moments with just one to two or three-person working onboard. Is it possible? Yes, it is with Eddy | HR.

Eddy | HR comes with a lot of useful features for your organization. With that, you can manage all your employees, new recruits from your one place. You can manage and track their performance and training. Eddy | HR helps you do the hardest work of all in an organization, which is managing payroll/ compensation of your employees. You can even store all the documents of the HR department on Eddy | HR. Isn’t it just great that all your paperwork is safe, secure, and well organized in one place?
Eddy | HR even has smart goals for the HR manager himself, which gives the HR manager enough motivation for work.
All this is what Eddy | HR is about. Being smart, efficient, and helpful to your organization’s HR department and overall benefiting the whole organization. All in exchange for a small price per month.

Features of Eddy | HR
Eddy | HR comes packed with lots of features. It currently has six useful features for your organization. All are useful in hiring employees, keeping track of them, and compensating them accordingly.
The best part about the features of Eddy | HR is that they are designed accordingly for your organization. Have a small business, Eddy | HR got your back. Same for HR managers, office administrators, and executives.

All six features can be implemented for your organization and two add-ons are available on request. You can take care of all of these from your computer and in the future, there is a mobile app of Eddy | HR coming really soon. Now let us talk about the features of Eddy | HR in detail.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
With Eddy | HR’s ATS system, hiring new recruits for your organization is a piece of cake. You can post jobs, manage applicants and hire new employees as you are doing your other work on the go.

The ATS features one-click posting of jobs on hundreds of job sites. You can write about your job in the Eddy | HR software and with one click post it on your selected websites.
With Eddy | HR’s smart design, you can create attractive applications. As an HR manager, you might know that job seekers don’t lie to fill in applications that take too long. So, Eddy | HR will help you create a small but sophisticated enough application for new recruits.
Everything in the Eddy | HR ATS happens faster with drag and drop action methods. All the stages are automated. You can set up an automated email invitation for candidates who are moving to the next stage of hiring.
The onboarding of Eddy | HR is arguably one of the most useful features of this software. It is all about getting your new recruit familiar with the work environment and getting used to it.
Traditionally, it could take a lot of time and one misdirection can ruin your new recruit’s view of the workplace. But with Eddy | HR, there is very little chance for that. Your new recruit can help themselves by doing some self onboarding work like making their own Eddy | HR profile and setting up all the information.

You can track down all the performance of your new employee without asking for it via email every now and then. SO no more awkward conversations between employees. Moreover, you can set up auto messages that will trigger at the proper time, giving your new employees directions about what they were supposed to do at that moment.
So overall, the onboarding system of Eddy | HR is very useful.
Training Tracking
Training and certification of your employees are essential if your organization is about technical works like medicinal or engineering works. No matter what type of certification and training you want to keep track of your employees, Eddy | HR has got the room for it.

You can even make it mandatory or optional if you want. With Eddy | HR’s document storage system, you can attach the proof of that particular certification of your employees and have access to it whenever it is necessary.

The best part about Eddy | HR’s training tracking is that it has an automatic certification expiration notification system. With that, you will get a notification about when your employee’s certification has expired. If it is mandatory, you can just simply tell your employee to renew the certification.
Keeping track of all your employees and their training and certification can get very messy. For that Eddy | HR has built-in simplified reports for the data you are looking for.

PTO Tracking
While PTO policies are well-appreciated by employees, it can be a very hard time for administrative bodies to figure out your compensation with these PTO’s. But with Eddy | HR, it is just a piece of cake.
Eddy | HR has the option for your company to set up its own PTO policies. Different companies have different policies for PTOs. So it is a welcomed option. It will take less than 5 minutes to do so in Eddy | HR.

For PTO’s employees have to login into their Eddy | HR profile and request time offs. The HR manager will get all the notifications of time offs and can approve it from there. Your employees can even check out how much PTO balance they have left for the month and it will take less than a minute to find that out.
Perhaps the best part of Eddy | HR’s PTO is the Time-off calendar. It adds transparency to all employees, admins, and managers about the time off of each employee.

Document Storage and Electronic Signature
The HR department is a nightmare especially because of all the paperwork. If one document gets lost, the whole company will be in big trouble. An employee might lose his/ her job for the sloppiness of the HR department and many other concerns regarding the paperwork.
Then there is the hassle of running from one employee to another for collecting signatures on documents. All these are big hassles and can be dealt with by Eddy | HR.
Eddy | HR has a secured system for collecting and storing all digital copies of your documents and the best part is you can put a digital signature on all of these files. So, no need to run around and deal with all the hard paperwork. Everything can be completed from this all-in-one platform of Eddy | HR.

Employee Directory and Employee Profiles
All the employees of your organization can have their own Eddy | HR profile and you can link them with your organization. By doing so, your employees will stay connected and notified about their job.
As you have linked all the employees in your organization, you can create your Employee directory in Eddy | HR and keep all their documents and information stored safely in one place.

As we said, there are two more features available in Eddy | HR per request. Time tracking and Payroll.
With Time Tracking, you can create a time punch system for your organization and hence you can calculate their work time and even overtime and compensate them accordingly. It also comes with pay period reporting.
The payroll function keeps track of your employee’s payment. You can run that for the entire company and also calculate tax returns for selected periods.
That is all the features of Eddy | HR. Eddy | HR features are very useful for all HR managers and they can serve them a lot in running the organization. Now let us look at the price of Eddy | HR’s wonderful services.

Pricing of Eddy | HR
Eddy | HR has minimum pricing of only $99 per month. But it can change depending on the size of your business/ organization.
For a small business, Eddy | HR will make an affordable flat rate of payment. But for the larger organizations, Eddy | HR will take a different approach to keep their services affordable.
For larger organizations, Eddy | HR will take per-employee pricing, so you pay only for what services you are using. This keeps things in an affordable range.
There is also a free trial available upon request. But the details of the free trial are not the same for every organization, hence there is no public information available on that.

Is Eddy | HR for you?

Is Eddy | HR for you? We think Eddy | HR is made for all kinds of organizations from small to large. Their services are customizable and have everything you will need to run an organization.
If you are running a small business with few employees, then you can still implement Eddy | HR if you want and utilize its resources to make your business more efficient.
If you are running a technical industry, suppose a CNC milling industry. Then you can definitely make use of Eddy | HR. With Eddy | HR’s Training Tracking, you can make sure that all your employees are well trained and certified for all the dangerous work to be done in the CNC milling shop.

The same can be said for a hospital, where you can take notes and monitor all your doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and ambulance drivers. The possibilities are many. So yes, no matter what industry you are in, you can definitely make use of Eddy | HR.

It is also very beneficial for HR and can assist the HR manager in many ways like writing rejection letters to applicants using automation, track new recruits and their performance, handle all paperwork in one place and track all employees and their performance.
Overall, Eddy | HR is a very useful tool for the HR manager and the organization. It does come with a considerable price, but for all that it is capable of, Eddy | HR is a far better option than hiring two or three more workers in the HR department.
So yes, Eddy | HR is for you.

Final Words
Eddy | HR is a great software for handling all the employees and data from one place. You can securely store all digitized paperwork and say goodbye to paper waste. With Eddy | HR you can make the ice-breaking with new recruits much easier and remove all the awkwardness of asking for their performance tracking every time. Eddy | HR will do that for you.
When you put all the benefits of using Eddy | HR in comparison to its price, you can easily notice that Eddy | HR is a far better option than hiking two or three more employees for helping the HR department.
So, if your organization is having a struggle with handing its employees, then hire Eddy | HR’s service and see the change.

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